Aurum Catering and Management Services

Our Company Profile

Aurum Catering Management Services is a Western Australian organisation providing food services to a range of aged care and healthcare providers throughout Western Australia.

Gnocci Holdings Pty Ltd is a wholly owned and operated Western Australian organisation which acts as trustee for The Gnocci Charitable Trust trading as Aurum Catering Management Services. Aurum has a turnover of approximately $14 million per annum and at the end of each financial year our entire retained surplus is distributed back to West Australian communities.

Aurum was incorporated in Western Australia in 1985 and has been involved in providing food services for aged care and healthcare providers, schools, colleges and community care organisations throughout Western Australia for over 27 years.

Aurum currently services 14 Aged Care facilities throughout metropolitan and regional Western Australia.

We produce and serve over 1 million meals each year and we regularly provide special diets and nutritionally balanced menus to a range of special needs clients on an ongoing basis.

Our community relations policy highlights our desire to source a percentage of our employees from the local communities in which we work where ever possible.  We direct operations from our head office in Belmont; with a dedicated management team of key people.