Aurum Catering and Management Services

Food Service

With our vast experience in aged care, Aurum can develop and implement a quality meals service at any type of facility.  Whether you have one centre or twenty one centres that require a resident meal service Aurum makes the experience an easy, pleasent and transparent process for you. 

Our prices are very competitive and, are based upon the agreed scope of services.

Aurum can supply to all metro and regional locations within Western Australia.

Menu Development

When compiling and developing our menus, wherever possible, recipes have been developed in accordance with the Australian Dietary guidelines within the Food Standards Code.

By working in conjunction with our registered dietician, Aurum has compiled comprehensive cycle menus which have been developed in relation to the following principles:

  • Wherever possible, the use of fresh (local) produce that is available and in season has been done as the basis for most recipes.
  • Minimal added artificial sugar.
  • Foods are to be low in salt.
  • Fresh fish is deboned, and we use high calcium fish (with edible bones) such as tinned tuna or salmon.
  • No MSG to be used in recipes and all items (where practicable) will be gluten free.
  • Breads are multigrain, whole meal, and wheat breads.
  • Fresh meat is lean and trimmed of fat wherever possible.
  • Dairy products are diet, light, low salt and polyunsaturated / mono-unsaturated.
  • Milks are reduced fat, calcium enriched.
  • Natural stocks are encouraged to be used for bases in sauces and soups.

Quality is the basis of everything we do and food delivery and presentation is no exception.  By applying these same quality standards to the dining and restaurant areas we will make your residents feel at home in a safe, relaxing and welcoming environment.

Contact us for a copy of our sample cycle menu.