Comprehensive Food Service Solutions

At Aurum Catering Management Services, we are dedicated to revolutionising the food service experience for aged care, and healthcare, and various industries in Western Australia.

A Diverse Range of Services Tailored To Your Specific Needs

We help you deliver exceptional culinary experiences that promote health, happiness, and satisfaction among your residents.

With Aurum by your side, you can rest assured that your facility’s food service is in the hands of experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges and requirements of aged care and healthcare environments.

We bring together a team of culinary experts, catering management specialists, and professionals who are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.


Total Catering Management

Managing food services can be a complex task, but with our expert guidance, you can stay in control and on budget.

Whether you currently operate an in-house food service or have engaged an external contractor for your meals service, our team of experienced professionals will closely collaborate with you to streamline your catering operations, optimise your resources, and ensure seamless service delivery.

We work with you to develop, implement and operate a full meals service.

What We Do - Aurum Catering
We prepare all our meals fresh onsite in our kitchens, thanks to our team of passionate chefs dedicated to serving five-star restaurant-quality meals for your residents. We use local produce where possible and offer a range of wholesome and delicious meals through our seasonal menus.

Food Service Assessment

As part of our unwavering commitment to excellence, we offer a thorough assessment of your existing food service.

Our experienced experts will diligently analyse every aspect of your catering operations, identifying opportunities for improvement to enhance quality while simultaneously reducing costs.

From the sourcing and procurement of ingredients to meal preparation, presentation, and delivery, no element of your food service escapes our thorough evaluation.

By closely examining each step of the catering process, we can pinpoint areas where adjustments can be made to optimise the overall quality of the food service.

Our ultimate goal is to create a dining experience that not only satisfies the nutritional needs of your residents but also brings joy and a sense of well-being to their daily meals.

What We Do - Aurum Catering
What We Do - Aurum Catering

Tailored Meal Service Solutions

Understanding that every resident’s needs are unique, our team is dedicated to crafting personalised meal service solutions that cater to individual preferences and dietary requirements.

We firmly believe that food is not just sustenance; it is a vital aspect of your residents’ overall well-being, and our menus are thoughtfully designed to meet the guests’ requests promote health and create an enjoyable dining experience.

Menu Development

Our extensive culinary expertise enables us to create diverse and appetising menus that cater to our guests’ likes and dislikes to ensure they are treated to a wide array of flavours, keeping them excited about their daily meals.

We prioritise the health and well-being of your residents in our menu development process, ensuring that our menus are nutritionally balanced and aligned with dietary guidelines. By carefully selecting ingredients and employing cooking methods that preserve the nutritional value of the food, we provide meals that contribute to your residents’ overall wellness.

Wherever possible we source fresh local produce that is in season which we then use for the basis of most of the recipes. We also keep the following aspects in mind during our menu development process.

What We Do - Aurum Catering

Ongoing Management & Expert Advice

Beyond providing exceptional food services, Aurum Catering Management Services takes pride in offering continuous food service management and expert advice to help you continually improve and refine your catering operations.

Our dedicated team is always available to support you, address concerns, and provide valuable insights to ensure your residents receive the best dining experience.

Partner with Aurum Catering Management Services today and let us enrich the lives of your residents through exceptional food service solutions.